Goaty is hand-crafted stands approximately 22 1/2" tall and weighs 15-16 lbs. The legs are made from materials that we guarantee will not kink or break and have the life-like flexibility of a real goat. His slender, sturdy legs allow the goat-tyer to develop awesome gathering and tying skills. His unique body and legs are an excellent practice tool for a goat-tyer that legs their goat or stuffs their goat.

PRICE: GOATY $282 + $25.00 S/H Fed Ex Ground

PRICE: MAVERICK $287 + $25.00 S/H Fed Ex Ground

Goaty the goat tying dummy is a practice tool for goat tyers to develop quick hands and to learn to stuff and tie their goats. The original "Goaty" was developed in the 1970's as a practice tool for a Nevada High School Rodeo contestant. He has been used as the prototype for the current "Goaty". We are now offering him to goat tyers everywhere!